The Phoebe Cushings

Interesting stories can be found in the cemetery. This stone is located at Cushing Cemetery in Mattapoisett.

_dsc0133Dedicated to the memory of Mr. Cushing’s two wives, both named Phoebe. It would seem Mr. Cushing married again within days of his first wife dying before he passed away days later. Are the dates possibly wrong on the stone? I was able to verify the dates in the book Vital Records of Rochester, Mass. However, those dates were taken from the stone probably around the time of publication in 1914. The inscription on the stone is hard to read from the photo as well as in person. There is a transcript below. Sadly, it will not be long before it will not be able to be read at all.


“Erected to the memory of two wives of Mr. Nathaniel Cushing. Mrs. Phoebe 1st wife Died Nov. 8, 1788 in her 32d year & Mrs. Phoebe 2d wife. Died Oct. 8, 1806 [illegible] 51 year. In the memory of Mr. Cushing who died November 13, 1788 in the 56th year of his age.”




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