Henry Gibbs Ellis, 1851-1865

Everyone has a story though it is often forgotten over time. Sometimes there are only fragments left to wonder about and those fragments are often found in cemeteries.

Henry Gibbs Ellis lies buried at the Ellis Cemetery on Wolf Island Road in Mattapoisett. The fragments of his life are left in the names of his parents, John and Rebecca along with his death date and age; 14 years, 1 month and 21 days. Etched on his stone beneath his age are the words “Don’t cry Father. Don’t cry Mother” as if he is reassuring his now long gone parents that he is fine. No one is around to cry for him now. No one remembers him today.


Grave of Henry Gibbs Ellis on Wolf Island Road in Mattapoisett.

At 14 years old not much is left in the historic record about him.

He was born April 24, 1851 in Fairhaven:


He only appears in one census. It seems he had three brothers: John, William and George and a sister, Sarah.

How did he die at such a young age?


His death record is vague… an accident. However, a small item about Henry appeared in the Boston Evening Traveller on June 6, 1865:


Henry lived for 10 days after his tragic accident. His white marble stone is the cemetery is all that is left of his short life.


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