About South Coast Vintage

This blog will attempt to explore the rich history of the south coast of Massachusetts bringing you entertaining and insightful stories about every day life of the people and places that once existed along the coast.

Several years ago while doing research for the establishment of a vintage base ball club, I came across some interesing local historical news accounts and I filed them away for later use. After the vintage team did not materialize I took another look at the local news stories I saved and began to do research and write stories which often appear in the local weekly, The Wanderer.

The area’s first newspaper, The Medley, was published in November 1792 by John Spooner in New Bedford. Among Mr. Spooner’s intentions for the newspaper was to “instruct… in the ways of man at a much cheaper rate…” which I hope to do with unique local history stories.

Read more about local baseball history at  South Coast Vintage Base Ball.


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