Kyle DeCicco-Carey


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey, Kyle!!

    Love your postings. I’m a big fan of local history, and you really know how to tell a story!

    I can’t help myself…. I noticed a spelling error…. The only know poetry he had written had hung on a shingle inside his shack:

    Should be the only KNOWN.

    All the Best!!

  2. / Lisa Joy: Really enjoyed your article on Marion’s contribution to Scandal. Pete Smith , curator of the Marion Historical Society did , too, as he is a direct descendant of one of the Potter children. In fact, he wondered if you could be a member of the family, as you have so many details. Great work, but am aching to know your sources! By the way, you seem to be an interesting person.

  3. Just happened to catch the website…..amazing. I have been busy researching my family from Mattapoisett. Any chance you have any info on the Almshouse on Aucoot Road in Mattapoisett?
    Also, in my research, I found info on Abraham Skidmore….for one thing my husband remembers the parades. But, he was a barber on Church Street and I wonder if Al Morgado took over his shop. I believe Al was a barber.
    Also, Skidmore came from N.C. and lived on Pine Island Road. Fascinating history!

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