Harbor Days Triathlon Historic Results

The annual Harbor Days Triathlon in Mattapoisett began in 1982 by the Mattapoisett Lions Club. Below is an historic list of triathlon winners from 1982-1996. The list was compiled from historic issues of the publication, Presto Press. Note that not all data such as time, placement of competitors and full names of competitors is not always available. For results of more recent Harbor Days Triathlons see the website CoolRunnings.com.


Paul Bono (rowboat), Julie LeClair (runner) and William Muldoon (bike)
Time/Place: 37:00:00 1st place



Paul Bono and William Muldoon Jr.
Time/Place: unknown 1st place



G. Barnett, Maurice Barnett and Robert Brink
Time/Place: 37:22:00 1st place

Paul Bono, Julie LeClair and William Muldoon
Time/Place: 37:27:00 2nd place

Art Blackburn, Jack McGarrie and Betsy Wood
Time/Place: 39:47:00 3rd place




Ken Letendre (bicycle),Jean McNerney (runner) and Eric Seather (rowing)
Time/Place: 32:05:02 1st place

Keith Hiller, Pam Peirce and Chris Riley
Time/Place: 32:20:05 2nd place

Moira LeClair, Paul Soars and Andy Wingate
Time/Place: 32:33:01 3rd place




Ken Letendre
Time/Place/Category: 29:50:00 1st place — Iron Man Male

Steven Davis
Time/Place/Category: 32:43:00 2nd place — Iron Man Male

Ed Arruda
Time/Place/Category: 33:08:00 3rd place — Iron Man Male

Pam Pierce
Time/Place/Category: 34:40:00 1st place — Iron Person Female

Janine Myatt
Time/Place/Category: 37:44:00 2nd place — Iron Person Female

Elizabeth Wynn
Time/Place/Category: 44:02:00 3rd place — Iron Person Female

Richard Arthur, Andrew Hiller and Jean Webster
Place/Category: 1st place — Teams

Julie LeClair, David Perkins and Andrew Wingate
Place/Category: 2nd place — Teams

Art Blackburn, Mora LeClair and Dennis Millette
Place/Category: 3rd place — Teams




Ken Letendre
Time/Place/Category: 31:16:00 1st place — Ironman

James O’Rourke
Time/Place/Category: 35:09:00 2nd place — Ironman

Dennis Barley
Time/Place/Category: 33:44:00 3rd place — Ironman

Pam Peirce
Time/Place/Category: 37:17:00 1st place — Iron Lady

Sarah Garrett
Place/Category: 2nd place — Iron Lady

Andrea Guerrero
Place/Category: 3rd place — Iron Lady

Peter Milliken, Peter Selley and Sam Shaefer
Place/Category: 1st place — Male Team

Chris LaFrance, Patrick Malloy and Brenden O’Neil
Place/Category: 2nd place — Male Team

Chris Henry, Mark Roberts and  Joe White
Place/Category: 3rd place — Male Team

A.C. Canro, Janine Myatt and Scott Pierce
Place/Category: 1st place — Mixed Team

Michelle Bociek, Brett Brookwart and Craig Parker
Place/Category: 2nd place — Mixed Team

Julie LeClair, Richard Marchisio and Greg Mason
Place/Category: 3rd place — Mixed Team

Charles Chase, Steven Chestna and  Jim Sullivan
Place/Category: 1st place — Oldest Team, combined age of 101

Allison Finnerty, Larry Finnerty and Sarah Finnerty
Place/Category: 1st place — Family Team

Donna Flood, Judy Gelinas and Carolyn Miller
Place/Cateogory: 1st place — Ladies Team












Andrew Kelley
Time/Place: 1:01:54 1st place (men age 16-19); 9th place overall

Andrew O’Shaughnessy
Time/Place: 1:08:54 2nd place (men age 16-19); 21st place overall

John Thornell
Time/Place: 57:53:00 1st place (men age 20-29); 4th place overall

Kevin Gradley
Time/Place: 1:02:05 2nd place (men age 20-29); 11th place overall

Kevin Ferreira
Time/Place: 1:02:40 3rd place (men age 20-29); 13th place overall

Katherine Olney
Time/Place: 1:01:56 1st place (women’s division); 10th place overall

Barbara-Jo Sabaitis
Time/Place: 1:10:30 2nd place (women’s division); 24th place overall

Nancy Kitchen
Time/Place: 1:16:55 3rd place (women’s division); 39th place overall

Ron Savaria
Time/Place: 1:01:43 1st place (men age 30-39); 8th place overall

Fred Jensen
Time/Place: 1:02:48 2nd place (men age 30-39); 14th place overall

Robert Johnson
Time/Place: 1:03:45 3rd place (men age 30-39); 16th place overall

Michael McCarty
Time/Place: 1:00:37 1st place (men age 40-49); 6th place overall

James McCarthy
Time/Place: 1:11:56 2nd place (men age 40-49); 29th place overall

Mitch Zienina
Time/Place: 1:15:02 3rd place (men age 40-49); 36th place overall

Brooks,Lestage, Pettway [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 57:10:00 1st place Men under 100 years of age (total of team ages); 2nd place overall

Brown, Brown, Brown [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 57:25:00 2nd place Men under 100 years of age (total of team ages); 3rd place overall

Borges, Ewan, Pepin [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 59:59:00 3rd place Men under 100 years of age (total of team ages); 5th place overall

Dube, Mello, Mello [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:03:04 1st place Men over 100 years of age (total of team ages); 15th place overall

Eagle, Engle, Neff [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:15:34 2nd place Men over 100 years of age (total of team ages); 39th place overall

Eagle, Woodley, Woodley [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:18:13 3rd place Men over 100 years of age (total of team ages); 42nd place overall

Howard, Letendre, Manssuer  [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 52:54:00 1st place Mixed teams under 100 years of age (total of team ages); 1st place overall

Egan, Leclair, McGrath  [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:01:21 2nd place Mixed teams under 100 years of age (total of team ages); 7th place overall

Swoish, Swoish, Swoish [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:11:20 3rd place Mixed teams under 100 years of age (total of team ages); 29th place overall

Martin, Perkins, Spark  [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:02:14 1st place Mixed teams over 100 years of age (total of team ages); 12th place overall

Dipasqua, Dipasqua, Toomey [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:15:54 2nd place Mixed teams over 100 years of age (total of team ages); 38th place overall

Ellms,Froehlich, Kortright  [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:17:54 1st place All Women team; 41st place overall




*1991 Triathlon held on Sunday, July 14 one week before Harbor Days.  Event consisted of 1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bicycle ride and the 3 mile run.

Kathy Comfort
Time/Place: 1:12:45 1st place (women age 19-29) 

Lynn Fryer
Time/Place: 1:18:05 2nd place (women age 19-29)

Beth Bernier
Time/Place: 1:26:47 3rd place (women age 19-29)

Donna Quattrucci
Time/Place: 1:06:19 1st place (women age 30-39)

Kathy Lopes
Time/Place: 1:09:05 2nd place (women age 30-39)

Andrea Patterson
Time/Place: 1:23:33 3rd place (women age 30-39)

Flo Days
Time/Place: 1:15:25 1st place (women age 40+)

Hilary VanRensselaer
Time/Place: 1:20:22 2nd place (women age 40+)

Yvonne McQuillan
Time/Place: 1:42:14 3rd place (women age 40+)

Paul Cusick
Time/Place: 57:02:00 1st place (men age 16-25)

Paul Bedard
Time/Place: 1:03:31 2nd place (men age 16-25)

Kevin Ferreira
Time/Place: 1:04:37 3rd place (men age 16-25)

Chris Spaight
Time/Place: 56:37:00 1st place (men age 26-35)

Mickey Perras
Time/Place: 57:41:00 2nd place (men age 26-35)

Marc Surprenant
Time/Place: 59:53:00 3rd place (men age 26-35)

Ronald Savaria
Time/Place: 1:06:24 1st place (men age 36-40)

Richard Chretien
Time/Place: 1:08:16 2nd place (men age 36-40)

Charles Marshall
Time/Place: 1:08:51 3rd place (men age 36-40)

Paul Talewsky
Time/Place: 58:36:00 1st place (men age 41+)

Mike McCarty
Time/Place: 1:02:06 2nd place (men age 41+)

Roy Hoy
Time/Place: 1:07:18 3rd place (men age 41+)

Dudduth, Hines and Sudduth [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 55:30:00 1st place (men’s team)

Coholan, Murolo and Oliver [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:00:52 2nd place (men’s team)

Braun, Viera and Walecka [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:00:54 3rd place (men’s team)

Callahan, Miller and Smith [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:12:03 1st place (women’s team)

Mahoney  and McQuillan [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:39:03 2nd place (women’s team)

Letendre, Morreau and O’Mara [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 52:04:00 1st place (mixed team)

Gabriel, Lague and Seba  [first names unknown]
Time/Place: 1:03:51 2nd place (mixed team)

Martin, Perkins and Spark  [first names unknown]
Place/Time: 1:05:42 3rd place (mixed team)







Geroge Bent (Centerville, Mass)
1st place men’s

Chris Spaight (Middletown, RI)
2nd place men’s

Paul Talewsky (Middletown, RI)
3rd place men’s

Candice Lee (Forestdale, Mass)
1st place women’s

Kathy Lopes (Fairhaven, Mass)
2nd place women’s

Irena Sumbera (West Dennis, Mass)
3rd place women’s

Drake Team (Cotuit, Mass)
1st place (overall team)

Raiske Team (Belmont, Mass)
2nd place (overall team)

Harrington Team (Forestdale, Mass)
1st place (men’s team)

Munise Team (Bridgewater, Mass)
1st place (women’s team)








George Bent (Centerville, Mass)
Time/Place: 0:48:45 1st place (overall men’s)

Ben McBride (Bristol, RI)
Time/Place: [time unknown] 2nd place (overall men’s)

Katie McCully (Eastham, Mass)
Time/Place: 0:59:34 1st place (overall women’s)

Bob Lamothe
Time/Place: 0:52:24 1st place (master men)

Michael Lynch (East Greenwich, RI)
Time/Place: 0:55:25 2nd place (master men)

Stephen Edward (Hyannis, Mass)
Time/Place: 0:57:25 3rd place (master men)

Scott Brooks (Dartmouth, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:00:52 4th place (master men)

Thomas Pena (South Yarmouth, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:01:33 5th place (master men)

Jennella Porter (East Freetown, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:07:49 1st place (master women)

Deb Romanowicz (Mattapoisett, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:16:47 2nd place (master women)

Lynne Lexander (Mattapoisett, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:17:21 3rd place (master women)

Joanne Corsano (Marston Mills, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:19:15 4th place (master women)

John Paul Garber (Mattapoisett, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:21:09 1st place (senior men)

James Looney (Marston Mills, Mass)
Time/Place: 0:55:58 1st place (submaster men)

Steve Wright
Time/Place: 0:56:37 2nd place (submaster men)

Peter Donavan (Marion, Mass)
Time/Place: 0:57:42 3rd place (submaster men)

John Reznikoff (Truro, Mass)
Time/Place: 0:58:14 4th place (submaster men)

Tom Waterman (Middleboro, Mass)
Time/Place: 0:58:46 5th place (submaster men)

Kathy Lopes (Fairhaven, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:06:28 1st place (submaster women)

Ellen Sandblom (Wellfleet, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:06:45 2nd place (submaster women)

Kathy Bent (Centerville, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:14:58 3rd place (submaster women)

Cathy Sinnott (Mattapoisett, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:28:10 4th place (submaster women)

Ben McBride (Bristol, RI)
Time/Place: 0:51:59 1st place (open men)

Scott Stanton (Dartmouth, Mass)
Time/Place: 0:53:08 2nd place (open men)

Jim Harrington (Coventry, RI)
Time/Place: 0:54:17 3rd place (open men)

Elmer Fudd (Westport, Mass)
Time/Place: 55:09:00 4th place (open men)

Brett Pacheco (New Bedford, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:01:29 5th place (open men)

Pamela Pierce (New York, NY)
Time/Place: 1:01:46 1st place (open women)

Carla Blackwell (Middleboro, Mass)
Time/Place: 1:08:18 2nd place (open women)

Coelho team (New Bedford, Mass) Jose P. Bravo, Fernando J. Coelho and Jose Correia
Time/Place: 0:52:43 1st place (all male team)

Hickey team (Mattapoisett, Mass) Greg Hickey, Ben Taylor and Dave West
Time/Place: 0:55:55 2nd place (all male team)

Shockro team (Mattapoisett, Mass) Andy Hiller, Tim Shockro and Todd Shockro
Time/Place: 0:59:42 3rd place (all male team)

Tetreault team (Acushnet, Mass) Denis A. Tetrault, Jean-Claude Tetrault
Time/Place: 1:02:50 4th place (all male team)

Fellows team (Westport, Mass) Charles Fellows, Richard LaFrance and Sean LaFrance
Time/Place: 1:08:21 5th place (all male team)

Pinard team (Mattapoisett, Mass) Retah Mendes, Sharon Pinard and Marshen Reed
Time/Place: 1:09:51 1st place (all female team)