Mattapoisett Halloween Parade Costume Contest Winners, 1950-2017

The following is an historic list of the Mattapoisett Halloween Parade costume contest winners. The names of the winners and when possible the costume, judging category and prize is noted in the following format: First Name Last Name, costume (grade level/category, placement, prize).  Costumes, category, placement and prizes or names of winners are not available for every year.

This list was compiled by Kyle DeCicco-Carey from published news accounts that appeared in the Presto Press, the Wanderer and the collections at the Mattapoisett Historical Society.

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Kathleen Phillips

Susan Rowland

James Smith

Susan Pelson

Peter Morris

Paul Morris

Louis Silveria

Warren Bowman

Katharine Mahoney

Ellen Mahoney

Louise Fuller

Jocelyn Kinney










Julia Fuller, ballerina (preschool-1st grade, prettiest costume)

Alan Perkins, Chinaman (preschool-1st grade, most original)

Betsy Wood, devil (preschool-1st grade, funniest)

Susan Wordell, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, prettiest)

Susan Hawkins, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, prettiest)

Shirley Sheffield, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, prettiest)

Carol Wordell, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, funniest)

Marilyn Huggins, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, funniest)

Harry Downing, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, most horrible)

Terry Willoughby, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, most horrible)

John Matthews, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, most original)

Douglas Crabbe, [unknown] (4th – 6th grade, most original)


Sally Hiller, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade)

Donna Seeley, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade)

Stephen Arral, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade)

Carol Leonard, [unknown] (4th – 5th grade)

Susan Hawkins, [unknown] (4th – 5th grade)

Douglas Crabbe, [unknown] (4th – 5th grade)

Rod McIntire, [unknown] (4th – 5th grade)

John Matthews, [unknown] (4th – 5th grade)

Kathy Schrage, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)

Lawrence Flanders, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)

Kendra Wiggin, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)

Joyce Green, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)

Doreen Sylvia, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)

Carole Sherman, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)

Harry Downing, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)

William Blasdale, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)

Clifford Tripp, III, [unknown] (6th-12th grade)


Dana Tripp, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade, funniest)

Roxanne Wood, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade)

Fred Troy, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade, handsomest boy )

Barbara Hardy, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade, handsomest girl)

Diane Macedo, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade, handsomest girl )

Billy Arral, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, funniest)

Susan Baxter, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, prettiest)

Dexter Morgan, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, most original)

John Sylvia, [unknown] (7th-12th grade, best costume)








David Crowley, pirate (1st grade, most horrible)

Wayne Singleton, blue satin bunny (1st grade, prettiest)

John Alves, tramp (1st grade, funniest)

Kathy Tuttle, flapper (most unusual)

Jonathan Mathieson, harem outfit (2nd-3rd grade, prettiest)

Joseph Alves, [unknown] (2nd-3rd grade, funniest)

Adele Raphael, beatnik (2nd-3rd grade, most original)

Gordon Mangham, ghost (2nd-3rd grade, weirdest)

Christine Sharples, old fashioned gown (4th-6th grade, prettiest)

Stephen Huggard, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, most original)

Kenneth Figueiredo, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, ugliest)

Tommy DeCosta, dressed as a girl (4th-6th grade, funniest)

Barbara Hardy, [unknown] (7th-12th grade)

Diane Macedo, [unknown] (7th-12th grade)

Eleanor Heuberger, [unknown] (7th-12th grade)

Catherine Alves, [unknown] (7th-12th grade)

William Arral, [unknown] (7th-12th grade)

Dana Tripp, [unknown] (7th-12th grade)

Alan Perkins, [unknown] (7th-12th grade)


Gail Chase, [unknown] (preschool)

Debbie Wordell, [unknown] (preschool)

Susan Perry, [unknown] (1st-2nd grade)

Bruce Robertson, [unknown] (1st-2nd grade)

Janice Andrews, [unknown] (3rd-6th grade, best costume)

Adele Raphael, [unknown] (3rd-6th grade, best costume)

Catherine Correia, [unknown] (3rd-6th grade, most horrible)

Beth Scott, [unknown] (3rd-6th grade, most horrible)

Kathryn Bradley, [unknown] (3rd-6th grade, prettiest)

Sharon Young, [unknown] (3rd-6th grade, most original)

*Prizes for 7th-12th graders were awarded. Winners are not known.


Karen Silsby and Christine McCormick, fairy queens (preschool)

Deborah Wordell, Indian (preschool)

Scott Stubbs, Robin Hood (preschool)

Robert Boardman, clown (preschool)

Christine Anderson, bunny (preschool)

David Hathaway, bird (1st grade, most original)

Elizabeth Glennon, little old lady (1st grade, most original)

Darrell Fietz, Indian (1st grade, prettiest)

Andrea Palardy, Little Bo Peep (1st grade, prettiest)

Mark Roberts, soldier (1st grade, funniest)

Kathy Costa, hobo (1st grade, funniest)

Sarah Brown, headless woman (2nd-3rd grade, best all around costume)

John Alves, hobo (2nd-3rd grade, best all around costume)

Michael Mangham, Hootenanny Hoo (2nd-3rd grade, funniest)

Lynne Horne, clown (2nd-3rd grade, funniest)

Gwen Davis, witch (2nd-3rd grade, most original)

David Crowley, Frankenstein (2nd-3rd grade, most original)

Thomas DeCosta, [unknown]  (4th-6th grade, most unusual)

Judith Milne, little old lady (4th-6th grade)

Jean Gregg, beatnik (4th-6th grade, prettiest)

Janete Souza, cigaret carton (4th-6th grade, most original)

Deborah Yard, Oriental costume (7th-12th grade, most original)

Beth Brown, flapper (7th-12th grade)

Doris Fearing, old fashioned girl (7th-12 grade)






Bruce Klinka, [unknown]  (tricycle)

Diana Jensen , [unknown] (tricycle)

Kimberly Hicks, [unknown]  (small bike with training wheels)

Jeffrey Bassett, [unknown]   (small bike with training wheels)

Robert Silveira, the Great Pumpkin (large bike)

Marcia Perry, Phyllis Diller (large bike)

David Young, [unknown] ($2)

Carol Convoy, [unknown] ($2)

Mark Convoy, [unknown]  ($2)

William Collins, [unknown]  ($2)

*Grade categories for 1966 are not known.


Leisha Contant, Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (preschool, tricycle)

Rebecca, Stephen and Stetson Mendell, 3 sizes of cigarette packs (preschool, tricycle)

Alfred Peccini, spider (1st-4th grade, bicycle)

Nelson Hiller, puppet theater (1st-4th grade, bicycle)

Robert Fay, hand walker (5th and up grades, bicycle)

Ryan Fountan, tree shaded house (5th and up grades, bicycle)


Gary Fountain

Cindy Fisher

Bruce Kinker

Mendel children

Gibbons children

Scott Campbell

Carney children

Rena Priest

Caswell children

Chase children

Paul Tinkham

Deborah Drake

Deborah Hickey


Caren Dunn, fairy princess (tricycle)

William Kelley, bunch of grapes (tricycle)

Valerie Fountain, peace marcher (bike)

Kenneth Martin, hippie (bike)

Robin Priest, Ned’s Point Lighthouse (bike)

Brian Klinka, Houdini (bike)

Mark Kelley, Town Dump (bike)

Elizabeth Glennon, tramp (prize bike)


Anthony Days, Grog (kindergarten)

Caren Dunn, Minnie Mouse (kindergarten)

Michael Costa (kindergarten)

Kathleen Fleming, witch’s hat (1st-3rd grade)

Gary Sherman, water pollution symbols (1st-3rd grade)

Mendell Children, teapot, sugar and creamer (1st-3rd grade)

Lisa MacDonald, dark shadows (4th-6th grade)

William Cattley, Red Baron (4th-6th grade)

Jenny Randall, Ivory soap bubbles (4th-6th grade)

Steven McGee (4th-6th grade)

Mark Sylvia, Snoopy doghouse (7th-12th grade)

Jane Hathaway, chicken lady (7th-12th grade)

Frank Dorr, the German on Laugh-In (7th-12th grade)

Peter Drury, headless horseman (7th-12th grade)


Scott Dallway, black poodle (kindergarten, bike)

Heidi and Tom Silveira, sunflower and watering can (kindergarten, bike)

Laurie McGrath, breakfast table (kindergarten, honorable mention)

Anthony Days, good earth (1st-2nd grade, bike)

Vera, Joanella and Roger Gibbons, pumpkin patch (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

John Welling, Charlie Brown (1st-2nd grade honorable mention)

Sandra Hardy, Land-O-Lakes butter (3rd-6th grade, bike)

Michael Bauer, old radio (3rd-6th grade, bike)

Jodi Ennis, hot chocolate (3rd-6th grade, bike)

Mark, Neil and Carolyn Sandford, Susan, Chris and Colleen Kennedy and John Silveira, centipede (3rd-6th grade, bike)

Mendell children, the Three Musketeers (3rd-6th grade, honorable mention)

Darryl Klinka, Jack in the Box  (3rd-6th grade, honorable mention)

Heather Briggs  (3rd-6th grade, honorable mention)

Kimberly Wright  (3rd-6th grade, honorable mention)


Erik Winchester, lamb (kindergarten, bike)

Thomas Silveria, large witch hat (kindergarten, honorable mention)

Kristina and Matthew Kurgan, train engine and caboose (kindergarten, bike)

Jennifer Teixeira and Kris Rego, Raggedy Ann and Andy (kindergarten, honorable mention)

Gregory Clark, raven (1st-2nd grade, bike)

Gregory Kelsey, witch doctor (1st-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Kelly and Laurie McGrath, Mama Leone (1st-2nd grade, bike)

Heidi Silveria, cornstalk (1st-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Jeff Chopoorian, Frankenstein (3rd-4th grade, bike)

Michael Humphrey, bat (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

Amy Dawson, The Fig (3rd-4th grade, bike)

Jodi Ennis, pirate (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

Michael McCrea and John Hiller, haunted house (5th-6th grade, bike)

William Wright, “Canoe” Anti-Pollution (5th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Rachel Suprenant, mushroom (5th-6th grade, bike)

Debbie Drake and Debbie Hickey, clothesline (5th-6th grade, honorable mention)


Alyssa Sylvia, flaming house

Albert Sylvia, fireman

David Surprenant, thumb

Thomas Silveira, Oscar from Sesame Street

Stacy Marcosa, Bo Peep

Scott Marcosa, sheep

John and Jimmy Stellato and Greg Chopoorian, ghoul leading 2-headed monster in casket

Lauren DeLeca, haunted house

Tracy Linhares, Mattapoisett Theatre

Cathy King, Spirit of ‘76 fifer

Danny King, flag bearer

Mike King, drummer


Paul and Maria Lambalot, wigwam and Indian (preschool, bike)

Lisa Downing, scarecrow (preschool, bike)

Tim Stein, Big Bird (preschool, 2nd place)

Gretchen Reimer, playing card (preschool, 2nd place)

Walter Morgado, fire plug (1st-2nd grade, 1st place, bike)

Meko Susuki, carrot (1st-2nd grade, 1st place, bike)

Jeff Haymaker, Bozo the Clown (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Mary McGowan, peanut vendor (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Mike Kelsey, duck blind (3rd-4th grade, 1st place,bike)

Pam Drake, seagull (3rd-4th grade, 1st place, bike)

David Surprenant, Big Bird (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Lara Witherell, guitar (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Ricky Dodge, organ grinder (5th-6th grade, bike)

Georgia Gonsalves, Watergate Tape (5th-6th grade, bike)

Joe Rose, outer space (5th-6th grade, second place)

Amanda Bunewith, witch doctor (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)


Gerald L. A. Randall, the Great Pumpkin (preschool, 1st place)

Sandra Dodge, harvest wreath (preschool, 2nd place)

Stine and Heidi Nyboe, Viking ladies (preschool, 3rd place)

Melissa Guard, clown with balloon hat (preschool, 4th place)

Thomas Silveira, cash register (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Pamela Moraco, Paul Revere (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Marie Almgren, haunted house (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Grace McKeon, turtle, (1st-2nd grade, 4th place)

David Suprenant, Liberty Bell (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Laura Whiterell, Spirit of 2076 (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Danny and Darcy Lee, operating room table (3rd-4th grade. 3rd place)

Dorothea Betts, spider (3rd-4th grade, 4th place)

Steven Vaitses, Uncle Sam (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Lynn and Vicki Camacho, organ grinder and monkey (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Mark Holhan, Martian (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Whitney Henderson, mouse (5th-6th grade, 4th place)


Jeff Connors, Jeff in the Box (preschool, 1st place)

Ned Urion, Christmas Tree hauling wagon filled with toys (preschool, 2nd place)

William Huggins, fisherman (preschool, 3rd place)

Jeremy Randall, Rest in Peace gravestone (preschool, 4th place)

Serene Silva, Raggedy Anne (preschool, 1st place)

Rebecca Downing, scarecrow (preschool, 2nd place)

Melissa Garde, Tony the Tiger (preschool, 3rd place)

Paula LeBlanc, ladybug (preschool, 4th place)

Matthew Heuberger, Snoopy (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Brandon Garde and Trent Garde, monkey and organ grinder (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Sean Reed, Coca Cola can (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Thomas Silveira, portable radio (1st-3rd grade, 4th place)

Ellen Scholter, Hickory Dickory Doc (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Sandra York, lobster (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Lauren Reddy, Liberty Bell (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Mary Beth DeCoffe, elephant (1st-3rd grade, 4th place)

Frank Linhares, Jr., puppet show (4th-6th grades, 1st place)

David Surprenant, cheeseburger (4th-6th grades, 2nd place)

Brian Keene, Red Baron (4th-6th grade, 3d place)

Kent McCormack, witch doctor (4th-6th grade, 4th place)

Debbie Dodge, small world (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Vickie Camacho and Cheryl Camacho, Riding Hood and fox (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Heidi Silveira, guitar (4th-6th grade, 4th place)

Kristen Butler, American flag (4th-6th grade, 4th place)


Amy and Heather West, Pinoccho and Jiminy Cricket (preschool, 1st place)

Serene Silva, chicken (preschool, 2nd place)

Scott Marcosa, spaceman (preschool, 3rd place)

GraceMcEwen, Old Woman in Shoe (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Sean Reed, Fred Flinstone (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Kevin Keen, Headless Horseman (1st-3rd grade, third place)

Timothy Dodge, owl (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Sharon Lombard, a stove (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Joseph Counsel, USS Monitor (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)


Jeremy Hanna, Abominable Snowman (preschool, 1st place)

Richelle Paige, Dumbo (preschool, 2nd place)

Maitreya Cabeler, The Dalai Lama (preschool, 3rd place)

Vicky Camacho, Pillsbury Doughboy (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Priscilla Clark, Mattapoisett Sewer Project (1st-3rd grades, 2nd place)

Rebecca McEwen, a Pilgrim Miss with the Mayflower (1st-3rd grades, 3rd place)

Matthew Kurgan and Kristina Kurgan, Captain Ahab and the Whale (4th-6th grades, 1st place)

Billy Guess, The Trapper (4th-6th grades, 2nd place)

Darby Ford, octopus (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

*prizes were AM/FM radios, tricycles and 10 speed bikes. It is not known who received which prize.


Kendra Chase, Miss Piggy (preschool, 1st place, bike)

Jennifer Frates, bird (preschool, 2nd place, bike)

Elizabeth Hynes, sheep (preschool, 3rd place bike)

Eric Scholter, firecracker (1st-3rd grades, 1st place, bike)

Rachel Bates, spider (1st-3rd grades, 2nd place, bike)

Brian Renzi, goblin (1st-3rd grades, 3rd place, bike)

Kevin Sousa, peace dragon (4th-6th grades, 1st place, 12 speed bike)

Craig LeBlanc, Thanksgiving table (4th-6th grades, 2nd place, 10 speed bike)

Eric Sylvia, old hag (4th-6th grades, 3rd place, AM/FM radio)


Careid Suprenant, chrysanthemum (preschool, 1st place)

Crystal Boardman, Holly Hobbie (preschool, 2nd place)

Michael DeCoffe, toys are we (preschool, 3rd place)

Matthew Costa, fireman (preschool, 4th place)

April and Jimmie Bradshaw, fisherman and lobster (1st-3rd grades, 1st place)

Melissa Souza, hound dog (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Forest Bates, toad (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Vickie Camacho, Pink Panther (4th-6th grades, 1st place)

Grace McEwen, Christmas cactus (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Rachael Bates, cobra (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

*prizes were bicycles and radios. It is unknown which prize each child received


Mike Trott, rainbow (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place, bike)

Sarah Garde, witch (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place, bike)

Sarah Lake, Carmen Miranda (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place, bike)

Kendra Chase, Donald Duck (1st-3rd grade, 1st place, bike)

Matthew Arguin, [unidentified costume] (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place, bike)

Brenda Medeiros, haunted house (4th-6th grade, 1st place, bike)

Jeff Davis, toothpaste (4th-6th grade, 2nd place, bike)

Heather West, Christmas Tree (4th-6th grade, 3rd place, bike)




Jarrett Drake, skull face (grand prize winner, stereo)

Scott LeBlanc, ice cream cone (preschool, 1st place)

Rachel Beard, Christmas Tree (preschool, 2nd place)

Tiffany Lopes, poodle (preschool, 3rd place)

Sienna Patch, camel (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Allison Fleming, sunflower (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Tracy Silveira, Hershey Kiss (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Rebecca McEwen, A Stitch in Time (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Amy West, a book worm (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Joseph Olivier, King Kong (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

*all winners except grand prize winner received bicycles


Rory Edwards, duck hunter, (preschool, 1st place, bike)

Rory Apperson, Rags the Dog (preschool, 2nd place, bike)

Kemett Cabral, Mr. T (preschool, 3rd place, radio)

Kevin LeBlanc, ear of corn (1st-3rd grade, 1st place, bike)

Robbie Canty, headless man (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place, AM/FM stereo)

Adam Lainey, Tin Man (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place, pocket AM/FM radio)

Shannan Fales, plate of spaghetti (4th-6th grade, 1st place, 10 speed bike)

Jennifer Visbaras, clam (4th-6th grade, 2nd place, Atari cartridge)

Scott Gamache, get well flower bouquet (4th-6th grade, 3rd place, AM/FM stereo radio)


Holly Smith, [unknown] (preschool, 1st place)

Rory Edwards, [unknown] (preschool, 2nd place)

Daniel Canastra, [unknown] (preschool, 3rd place)

Jonathan Michaud, [unknown] (1st-3rd grades, 1st place)

Jane Murray, [unknown] (1st-3rd grades, 2nd place)

Crystal Boardman, [unknown] (1st-3rd grades, 3rd place)

Jason Cameron and Brennan Sullivan, [unknown] (4th-6th grades, 1st place)

Wayne Medeiros, [unknown] (4th-6th grades, 2nd place)

Molly Muldoon, [unknown] (4th-6th place, 3rd place)

*prizes consisted of video games, bicycles, stereo radios. It is unknown who received which prizes




Kendra Shepard, butterfly (preschool, 1st place, electric car)

Madelyne Ellms, Humpty Dumpty (preschool, 2nd place, 3-wheel tricycle)

James Froehlich, bumble bee (preschool, 3rd place, 3-wheel tricycle)

Carrie Surprenant, Shaw’s groceries (1st-3rd grade, 1st place, MX bicyle)

MacKenzie Peirce, Bride of Death Valley (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place, scooter)

Argen Chowdri, Texaco gas pump (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place, mini boom system)

Seth Patch , guillotine victim (4th-6th grade, 1st place, 10 speed bike)

Michael Trott, old man winter (4th-6th grade, stereo boom box)

Andrew Davis, catamaran sailor (4th-6th grade, 3rd place, stereo boom box)

Donna and Mike Tache, endangered species of birds (adult, 1st place, gift certificate to Shaw’s supermarkets)

Nancy Crowley and Jean Hong, the dancing raisins (adult, 2nd place, brunch at Joseph’s Olde Tavern Inn)

Sylvia Fales, Bride of Frankenstein (adult, 3rd place, brunch at the Mattapoisett Inn)




Seth Cabral, skeleton with orange hair (preschool, 1st place)

Alex Bernier, Sir Lancelot (preschool, 2nd place)

Michael Crawford, blond dinosaur (preschool, 3rd place)

Kyle Costa, horseshoe crab (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Arthur Dill, werewolf (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Tony Gurena, 2 heads (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Aaron Hussey, skateboard (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Shawn Hanks, pump (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Jamie Bonney, turtle (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Sylvia Fales, Freddie [Nightmare on Elm Street] (adult, 1st place)

Jane Fleury, vampire (adult, 2nd place)

Andrea Rideaux, Carmen Miranda (adult, 3rd place)


Zack Olivier, Zack in the Box (preschool, 1st place, bike)

Christopher Dunn, Spiderman (preschool, 2nd place, bike)

Carolyn Canastra, Shaggy Dog (preschool, 3rd place, bike)

Jennifer Bowers, slice of pizza (1st-3rd grade, 1st place, bike)

Dorian Lynch-Geis, half man half woman (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place, bike)

John Ewing, Red Sox baseball card (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Ellison Fletcher, clown & dog (4th-6th grade, 1st place, bike)

Sarah Clark, envelope (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Shane Wilhelmanden, robot (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Karen Tuxworth, fortune teller (adult, 1st place)

Sylvia Fales, half man half woman (adult, 2nd place)

[Unknown] (adult, 3rd place)


Rick Bettencourt, tank (preschool, 1st place, bicycle)

Leah Randall, a fish (preschool, 2nd place, tricycle)

Edward Bailey, engineer (preschool, 3rd place, tape recorder)

Kiah Westgate, Raggedy Ann (preschool, honorable mention)

Abigail Duponte, swamp monster (1st-3rd grade, 1st place, blue bicycle)

Steven Oliveira, chef (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place, tape recorder)

Dorian Lynch, Colgate toothpaste (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place, an H set)

Justin Marmaras, horrible face (4th-6th grade, 1st place, bicycle)

Rory Apperson, an oven (4th-6th grade, 2nd place, scooter)

Ben Moore, lion (4th-6th grade, 3rd place, tape recorder)

Suzanne Paquette and unidentified, Edward Scissorhands (adult, 1st place, gift certificate to Mattapoisett Inn)

Laurie Nunes, turtle (adult, 2nd place)

Nicole Beaudry, clown (adult, 3rd place)


Ryan Bettencourt, pirate ship (preschool, 1st place, Lil Syuki)

Cody Amaral, Popeye (preschool, 2nd place bike)

Joseph Menezes, Balloon Adventure (preschool, 3rd place, rollerboard)

Leah Randall, tomato (preschool, honorable mention, Pluto Rocker)

Jessica Bettencourt, Piano (1st-3rd grade, 1st place, bike)

Cynthia Johnson, Cleopatra (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place, basketball set)

Nicolas Hamer, penguin (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place, Turtle Hockey game)

Allison Lanagan, Snoopy (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention, Mega Spirograph)

Kate Rose, Tasha Squires and Jennie Dutra, nurses with patient (4th-6th grade, 1st place, portable recording studio)

Nicholas Froehlich, headhunter (4th-6th grade, 2nd place, bike)

Elyse Plam, Honey I Blew Up the Dog (4th-6th grade, 3rd place, fire phone)

Jill Kampf, Indian maiden (4th-6th grade, honorable mention, skateboard)

Michael Viator and Michelle Parquette, Captain Hook and Lady (adult, 1st place, gift certificate to the Mattapoisett Inn)

Tim Smith, Henry VIII (adult, 2nd place, gift certificate to Shipyard Galley)

Ian Lake, headless man (adult, 3rd place, gift certificate to Antone’s)

Ryan Rooney, spooky goblin (scariest costume, 1st place, radio)

Peter Surprenant, mummy (scariest costume, 2nd place, cassette player)


Ben Lareau, Pinnochio (preschool, 1st place)

Kara Hughes, strawberry (preschool, 2nd place)

Lauren Boivin, genie lamp (preschool, 3rd place)

Jeff Rousseau, ComElectric truck (preschool, honorable mention)

Gray Hurlbert, oak tree (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Cynthia Johnson, oriental girl (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Kyle and Kevin Wheeler, mouse trap (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

John Menezes, headless with basket of heads (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention)

Elyse Palm, Giraffic Park (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Heidi Robinson, pig (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Julia Gibb and Melanie Dixon, Bobbsey Twins (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Jessica Bettencourt, dolphin (4th-6th grades, honorable mention)

Tom Amaral, short man (adult, 1st place)

Sara Francis, Little Bo Peep with sheep (adult, 2nd place)

Dot Gaspar, rabbit in the hat (adult, 3rd place)

Nicoles Hamer, head in hand (scariest, 1st place)

David Bradley, Dracula (scariest, 2nd place)

Marcia Dupont, gravestone (scariest, 3rd place)


Erin and Nicholas May, Aladdin (preschool, 1st place)

Jessica Bassett, lion (preschool, 2nd place)

Mitch Suzan and Thomas Macina, fire engine and Dalmatian (preschool, 3rd place)

Crystal Longworth, casino Indian (1st-3rd grades, 1st place)

Corey Lorenco, spider with web (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Steven Faulkner, Jr., woodstove (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Cynthia Johnson, matador (1st-3rd grade, 4th place)

Alyse Palm, Julia Child (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Kelly Boivin, Hershey Kisses (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Jessica Reilly, pregnant lady (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Julia Gibb, elderly with walker (4th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Michael Viator and Michelle Paquette, shadow (adult, 1st place)

Jill Labrecque and Jill Kampf, toilet and roll (adult, 2nd place)

Lisa Caton and Bianca Sylvia, save the environment (adult, 3rd place)

Peter Suprenant, swamp monster (scariest, 1st place)

Ryan Lanagan and Peter Hurlburt, Frankensein and Ghost (scariest, 2nd place)

Tyler Middleton, R.I.P. (scariest, 3rd place)


Garrett Bauer, vampire in coffin (preschool, 1st place)

Rebecca Longwood, Little Bo Peep (preschool, 2nd place)

Seamus McMahon, King Tut (preschool, 3rd place)

Hunter Black, sailor (preschool, honorable mention)

Cody Amaral, UPS driver in truck (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Jenny Gifford and Jessica Cabral, old couple (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Nicole Geroux, jack in the box (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Crystal Longwood, bird (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention)

Tim Schulyer, prisoner in a stage prison (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Jennifer Andrade and Jessica Riley, Siamese twins (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Nicholas Hamer, purple wizard (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Lauren Folino, toilet (4th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Victoria Lynn, elderly woman (junior high school, best costume)

Carlyne Cabral, vampire (high school, best costume)

Jamie Robert, one armed man (scariest, 1st place)

Elise Palm and Colleen McIntosh, ghost (scariest, 2nd place)

Rob Lebreque, humpback man (scariest, 3rd place)

Tom Lanagan and friends, the Simpsons (adult, 1st place)

Sylvia Fales, biker (adult, 2nd place)

Debbie Camacho, clown (adult, 3rd place)


Mitchell Suzan, Red Baron (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Seamus McMahon, Noah’s Ark (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Michael Gagnon, green dragon (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Connor Baily, cowboy (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Cody and Tyler Amaral, Challenger space shuttle (1st-3rd grades, 1st place)

Allison Ariance, headless woman (1st-3rd grades, 2nd place)

Peter Hurlburt, laundry basket (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Matthew Costa, Merlin the Magician (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention)

Marueen Best, taco grill (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Amanda Garde, giant bowling ball (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Greg Lestage, scary hunchback (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Paul Poulin, Pillsbury Doughboy (4th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Ray Shaw, costume not identified (junior high school, 1st place)

Becky Lipstock, Erin Shaw, Heidi Fuerman and Kathy Fernandes, cast of the Wizard of Oz (high school, 1st place)

Kenneth Carreau, witch doctor (scariest, 1st place)

Kristen Rousseau, mother witch and baby carriage (scariest, 2nd place)

David Hinchcliffe, werewolf (scariest, 3rd place)

Jodi and Michael Bauer, belly dancer and sheik (adult, 1st place)

Bob and Michelle Kelly, Civil War soldiers (adult, 2nd place)

Chuck Rooney, Scotsman (adult, 3rd place)


Shawn and Adam Snodgrass, [unknown] (preschool, 1st place, L.T. Turbo Banking Jet)

Dylan Zell, [unknown] (preschool, 2nd place, Playschool 123 bike)

Callum McLaughlin, [unknown] (preschool, 3rd place, Walk-Me Wagon)

Kara Hamburges, [unknown] (preschool, honorable mention, Easy Inline Skates)

Kyle MacDonald, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, 1st place, 16 inch Road Tech bike)

Samantha LeBlanc, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place, karaoke machine)

Rebecca Langevin, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place, Winsor Sports AM/FM cassette)

Samantha Messina, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention, AM/FM color radio Kook Shade)

Michael Canty, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 1st place, 20 inch Huffy bike)

Jake Clark, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 2nd place, dual cassette CD box)

Abby Martin, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 3rd place, Sony Sports Walkman)

Taylor Lestage, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, honorable mention, 3 piece AM/FM cassette player)

Mike Hamer, [unknown] (junior high, 1st place, 26 inch Magna Aztec bike)

Emily Johnson, [unknown] (junior high, 2nd place, AM/FM radio black and white TV)

Mattie Elms, [unknown] (junior high, 3rd place, clock radio with remote)

Ashley Feaster, [unknown] (junior high, honorable mention, gift certificate)

Jill Kampf, [unknown] (high school, 1st place, 13 inch color RCA TV)

Carlton Trahan, [unknown] (high school, 2nd place, turntable system)

Chris Podrecca, [unknown] (high school, 3rd place, mono AM/FM cassette)

Matt Saivaria, [unknown] (high school, honorable mention, gift certificate to Silvestri’s)

Neringa Atkinson, [unknown] (adult, 1st place, gift certificate to Mattapoisett Inn)

Martha Smith, [unknown] (adult, 2nd place, gift certificate to Turk’s Restaurant)

Jodi Bauer, [unknown] (adult, 3rd place, gift certificate to Shipyard Galley)

Jake Nochimow, [unknown] (scariest, first place, table radio)

Justin Duponte, [unknown] (scariest, 2nd place, AM/FM cassette box)

Michael Lorenco, [unknown] (scariest, 3rd place, shower radio)

P. J. Caron, [unknown] (scariest, honorable mention)


Julia Duggan (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Victoria Caton (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Teddy Kassabian (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Hannah Bouvette (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Taylor Audette (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Sarah Kassabian (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Devin Barley, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Dustin McGillian, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention)

Carly Suzan, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Crystal Longworth, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Patrick Catoe, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Nicole Black, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Nick Hamer, [unknown] (junior high, 1st place)

Drew Vickers, [unknown] (junior high, 2nd place)

Brian Tonelli, [unknown] (junior high, 3rd place)

Meghan O’Brien, [unknown] (junior high, honorable mention)

Nina Eilersten and Lindsey LeBlanc, [unknown] (high school, 1st place)

Caitlan Trahan, [unknown] (high school, 2nd place)

Gary Vaughn, [unknown] (high school, 3rd place)

Matt Savaria, [unknown] (high school, honorable mention)

Jennifer Coy, [unknown] (adult, 1st place)

Tom Amaral, [unknown] (adult, 2nd place)

Debbie Silva, [unknown] (adult, 3rd place)

Don Cuddy, [unknown] (adult, honorable mention)

John DeCosta, [unknown] (scariest, 1st place)

Marcia Dupont, [unknown] (scariest, 2nd place)

Peter Caron, [unknown] (scariest, 3rd place)

Erin Spink, [unknown] (adult, honorable mention)


Liam Barley, lighthouse (preschool, 1st place)

Noah Greany, lion in cage (preschool, 2nd place)

Lydia Mendell and Haleigh Dumas, spider in web (preschool, 3rd place)

Dylan Zell, cowboy (preschool, honorable mention)

Colin Bono, well endowed (1st-3rd grades, 1st place)

Michael Bertand, bagpiper (1st-3rd grades, 2nd place)

Sarah Koch, witch green (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Colten Beaudry, pumpkin (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention)

Cody Amaral, intestines (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Samantha Leblanc, genie in bottle (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Jennifer Lennon, old lady (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Camile Adler, scarecrow (4th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Nicole Black, [unknown] (junior high, 1st place)

Crystal Longworth, sandwich (junior high, 2nd place)

Hannah Blanchard and Kyla Hussey, two girls (junior high, 3rd place)

Maryjayne Menezes, laundry basket (junior high, honorable mention)

Matt Savaria, [unknown] (high school, 1st place)

Abbey Dupont, [unknown] (high school, 2nd place)

Caillan Trahan, [unknown] (high school, 3rd place)

Mike Raposa and Danny Mattar, [unknown] (high school, honorable mention)

Keri Duff, [unknown] (adult, 1st place)

Don Cuddy, [unknown] (adult, 2nd place)

Nicole Hamer and friends, [unknown] (adult, 3rd place)

Gary Bowman, [unknown] (adult, honorable mention)

Nick Hamer, [unknown] (scariest, 1st place)

Colin Spink, [unknown] (scariest, 2nd place)

Aaron Spink, [unknown] (scariest, 3rd place)

Nick Lorenco, [unknown] (adult, honorable mention)


Nicole and Danielle Ochoa, birds in a nest (preschool, 1st place)

Noah Greany, Clifford the Dog (preschool, 2nd place)

Julia England, spider (preschool, 3rd place)

Hunter Parker, lobster (preschool, honorable mention)

Ryan Van Voris, robot (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Erin Spink, miniature (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Demitra and Alexander Pickering, hula girls (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Oliver and Morgan Hiller, Little Bo Peep and sheep (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention)

Dereck Clarke, seahorse (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Collin Spink, knife in head (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Haley MacDonald, Medusa (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Gabrielle Heon, shell (4th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Joseph Menegan and Guy Vachon, Siamese twins (junior high, 1st place)

Pilar Hanks, old lady (junior high, 2nd place)

Katie Lorenco, cook (junior high, 3rd place)

Crystal Longworth, perfume (junior high, honorable mention)

Emily Johnson, witch (high school, 1st place)

Adam Silva, Elvis (high school, 2nd place)

LeAnna Beaudry, shower (high school, 3rd place)

Caleb Martin and Amos Shaw, tumblers (high school, honorable mention)

Shannon Quinlan, Alice in Wonderland (adult, 1st place)

Paul Bradley, [unknown] (adult, 2nd place)

Debbie and Ryan Roderick, Cruella and Dalmatian (adult, 3rd place)

Denis Barley, dentist (adult, honorable mention)

Nick Hamer, Freddy Krueger (scariest, 1st place)

Samantha Leblanc, girl in boat (scariest, 2nd place)

William Huggins, reaper (scariest, 3rd place)

DJ MacDonald, [unknown] (scariest, honorable mention)


Caitlyn and Logan King (preschool, 1st place)

Sophie Cleming (preschool, 2nd place)

Abbey Dyson (preschool, 3rd place)

Jane Kassabian (preschool, honorable mention)

Janice Evans (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

Jennifer Collins (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Michael Gagnon (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

Cameron Severino (1st-3rd grade, honorable mention)

John Lauzon (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Haley MacDonald (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Duston McGlinn (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Colin Bono (4th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Nick Lorenco (junior high, 1st place; Joseph Menezes and Guy Vachon (junior high, 2nd place)

Amy D’Olympia and Lauren Eilersten (junior high, 3rd place)

Adam Roberts (junior high, honorable mention)

Robert Labrecque (high school, 1st place)

John DeCosta (high school, 2nd place)

Erica Hebert (high school, 3rd place)

Patrick Lennon (high school, honorable mention)

Carol Adams and Melody Pacheco (adult, 1st place)

Andrew and Meg Reilly (adult, 2nd place)

Mitch Suzan (adult, 3rd place)

Kerri, Aja and Braydon Duff (adult, honorable mention)

Seamus McMahon (scariest, 1st place)

Alex Nelson (scariest, 2nd place)

Jack Thomas (scariest, 3rd place)

Colin Spink (scariest, honorable mention)


Alexandra Sprouse and Katrianna Porter, [unknown] (preschool, 1st place)

Julia Hall, [unknown] (preschool, 2nd place)

Hallie Thomas, [unknown] (preschool, 3rd place)

Sophia Clingman, [unknown] (preschool, 4th place)

Cameron Severino, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, 1st place)

John Ferreira, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, 2nd place)

Jillian Wilson, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, 3rd place)

DJ MacDonald, [unknown] (1st-3rd grade, 4th place)

Taylor Audette, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 1st place)

Sarah Kassabian, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Gretchen Bobola, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Tyler Amaral, [unknown] (4th-6th grade, 4th place)

Tom Buckley, [unknown] (junior high, 1st place)

Samantha Leblanc, [unknown] (junior high, 2nd place)

Joshua Martin, [unknown] (junior high, 3rd place)

Betsy Sylvia, [unknown] (junior high 4th place)

Ben Tobia, [unknown] (high school, 1st place)

Adam Robert, [unknown] (high school, 2nd place)

Erika Hebert, [unknown] (high school, 3rd place)

Nick Lorenco, [unknown] (high school, 4th place)

Peter Greco, [unknown] (adult, 1st place)

Meg and Andrew Reilly, [unknown] (adult, 2nd place)

Marylou Kraus and Maryann, Mike and Alex Kondracki, [unknown] (adult, 3rd place)

Miranda and Jim Pierson, [unknown] (adult, 4th place)

Tom Degroot, [unknown] (scariest, 1st place)

Steve Hughes, [unknown] (scariest, 2nd place)

Colin Sparks, [unknown] (scariest 3rd place)

Shamus McMahon, [unknown] (scariest, 4th place)


Grace Greany, little bird (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Cody Leonard, pirate (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Hallie Thomas, Glinda the Good Witch (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Holden King, John Deere tractor (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Allison Myre, Snow Queen (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Ethan Lizotte, Gene Simmons (1st-2nd grades, 1st place)

Luke Johns, clock (1st-2nd grades, 2nd place)

Victoria Sanches, dalmation (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Aja Duff, ghost in training (1st-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Jack Thomas, Jacob Marley (3rd-4th grades, 1st place)

DJ MacDonald and Nathan Houston, [unknown] (3rd-4th grades, 2nd place)

Alex Milde, tornado (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Callum Mclaughlin, mummy (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

Erin Spink, cavewoman (5th-6th grades, 1st place)

Todd Henshaw and David French, hippies (5th-6th grades, 2nd place)

Eric Xavier, The Scream (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Taylor Coelho, half boy/half girl (5th-6th grades, honorable mention)

Haley MacDonald and Ann Maria Kassabian, aliens in a spaceship (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Rebecca Longworth, Rebel With a Cause (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Christina Johns, pizza slice (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Courtney Kirker, sumo wrestler (junior high/high school, honorable mention)

John Lapointe, Frankenstein (adult, 1st place)

Marcia and Jim Gracia, King Arthur and his bride (adult, 2nd place)

Laurie Kassabian, mummy with one on the way (adult, 3rd place)

Sylvia Fales, red hat society woman (adult, honorable mention)

Collin Spink, mullet zombie (scariest, 1st place)

Braydon Duff, Freddy Krueger (scariest, 2nd place)

Katelyn Kieman, Frankenstein’s bride (scariest, 3rd place)

Madelyn Pellegrino, little Dracula (scariest, honorable mention)


Freemin Bauer, Spiderman (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Luke Mello, cherry tomatoes (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Isaiah Ostigy, snow leopard (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Paul McLaughlin, chicken in hay wagon (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Kyler Berry, Charlie Chaplin (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Jacob Plante, tornado chaser (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Victoria Caton, Christmas Tree (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Serena Jaskolka and Kara Whiting, pair of kittens (1st-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Cameron Severino, flags man (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Madison Goeghan, bubble bath tub (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Abigail Adams, smiling hippie (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Amanda Carreiro, Coke can (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

Connor Bailey, Center School (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Nate Houston and D.J. MacDonald, Mario Brothers (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Hannah Cameron, shark (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Nathaniel Fuchs and Kara Whiting, Hydra (5th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Meghan Ingram, sorceress (junior high, 1st place)

Lindsey Smith, Taylor Houston and Britney Costa, Blue Man Group (junior high, 2nd place)

Colin Bono, devilled egg (junior high, 3rd place)

Rebecca Sylvia, Christmas Tree (junior high, honorable mention)

Blanche Perry, Tina Turner (adult, 1st place)

Andrew and Meg Rilery, 1950s dancers (adult, 2nd place)

Carol and Mike Adler, knight and maiden (adult, 3rd place)

Mary Lou Krause, Vickey Greco and Maryanne Kondracki, Gang Green (adult, honorable mention)

Jack Thomas, ape (scariest, 1st place)

Courtney Dargon, Dracula (scariest, 2nd place)

Ethan Lizotte, Bettlejuice (scariest, 3rd place)

Sophia Ellis, Dracula (scariest, honorable mention)


Luke Mello (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Ethan and Alexandra Moniz (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Carissa Bailey (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Palmer Clingman (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Lucy Milde (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Hallie Thomas (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Connie and Kim Severino (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Colleen Beatiz (1st-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Amanda Carreiro (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Jordan Menard (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Jackie Dyson (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Alexandra Straus (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

T.J. MacDonald and Nate Houston (5th-6th grade, 1st place);

Walker and Nathaniel Fuchs (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Cyrena Thibodeau and Laura Mazzuca (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Duncan Zucco (5th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Haley Cammarata and Kelsey Frink (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Kara Hughes (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Colin Bonneau (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Katie Kearns (junior high/high school, honorable mention)

Nancy and James Persson (adult, 1st place)

Lois Ennis (adult, 2nd place)

Patricia Viera (adult, 3rd place)

Mark Mooney (adult, honorable mention)

Jack Thomas (scariest, 1st place)

Gregg Whiting (scariest, 2nd place)

Tess Roiter (scariest, 3rd place)

Hannah Cormier (scariest, honorable mention)


Colby Carreiro, robot (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Freemin Bauer, pirate with pirate ship (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Asia Duff, Pinocchio (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Kalen McClaughlin, headless man (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Jack Thomas, toy soldier (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Susan Mort, creepy old woman (adult, 1st place)

Amanda Massey, “portrayal of a woman Poe might have written” (scariest, 1st place)

*only first place winners are available for 2006


[Unknown] (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Bryan Querin, race car driver (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Nicole Gendron, Jack in the Box (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Tess Rosnoid, pink octopus (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Alex Wurl, letter being mailed (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Zach Mooney, man riding a camel (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Emma Knox, drive in waitress (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Ty Derry, X-Box game (1st-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Jane Kassabian, Italian dinner table (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Eliza Van Voris, Ned’s Point Lighthouse (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Kaley Sylvia, peacock (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Sienna Wurl, mailbox (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

Kyler Berry, main in cage (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Sam Appleton, Headless Horseman (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Amanda Correiro, butterfly (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Michael Kassabian, Red Sox World Series Trophy (5th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Andrew Hughes, Mr. Peanut (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Brieanne Lavoie, Coca Cola can (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Janice Weldon, cowboy riding a horse (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Josh Bardwell, cactus (junior high/high school, honorable mention)

Bianca Sylvia, Q-Tip (adult, 1st place)

Lois Ennis, mummy (adult, 2nd place)

Kathy Goulart, gypsy woman (adult, 3rd place)

Freemin Bauer, coffin monster/grim reaper (scariest, 1st place)

Amanda Masse, scary girl pirate (scariest, 2nd place)

Ethan Lizotte, Edward Scissorhands (scariest, 3rd place)

Landon Goguen, werewolf (scariest, honorable mention)


John Kassabian (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Benjamin Preece-Santos (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Joy Mello (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Mia Hall, Lyla Hall, Ava Hall (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Tyler Boardman (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Sophia Klingman (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Ryley Costa (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Audrey Knox (1st-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Zachariah Mooney (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Freemin Bauer (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Coty Leonardo (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Noah Tavares (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

Shannon Lynch (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Hanna Cormier (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Alexandra Sprouse (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Megan Goulart (5th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Nicole Boardman (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Michael Stellato (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Kara Hughes (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Amanda Carreiro (junior high/high school, honorable mention)

Jill, Bob, Abby and Jacob Simcox and Jean and John McHugh (adult, 1st place)

Cindy McHugh (adult, 2nd place)

Mandy, Jillian and Mckenzie Leblanc (adult, 3rd place)

Linda Brownell (adult, honorable mention)

Eric Massey (scariest, 1st place)

Amanda Massey (scariest, 2nd place)

Landon Goguen (scariest, 3rd place)

Aja Duff (scariest, honorable mention)


Morgan, Mckenzie and Jillian Leblanc (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Sibley Cassi (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Lilly Menezes (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Jenna Lynch (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Bryan Querino, space shuttle (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Audrey Knox, Gerbil (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Colby Carreiro, R2 D2 (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Riley Branagan, PEZ (1st-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Ryan Miller, toilet (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Jordan Hanson, Rubik’s Cube (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Tyler Bungert, gangster (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Freemin Bauer, gargoyle (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

Eliza Van Voorhis and Kate Dowd, American Gothic (5th-6th grade, 1st grade

Olivia Pellegrino, costume not identified (5th-6th grade, 2nd grade)

Jane Kassabian, Christmas Tree (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Charlotte Van Voorhis, Mr. Potato Head (5th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Amanda Carreiro, flying magic carpet (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Seth Hiller, fisherman (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Ashia Duff and Kerri Duff, costume not identified (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Brandon Marvelle, Michael Jackson (junior high/high school, honorable mention)

Jill, Bob, Abby and Jacob Simcox, bloodmobile and mosquitoes (adult, 1st place)

Jason and Kyle Cameron, Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat (adult, 2nd place)

Scott Chase and Rebecca Longworth, king and queen (adult, 3rd place)

Mark Mooney, trauma man (adult, honorable mention)

Amanda Massey, head in a box (scariest, 1st place)

Jodie Bauer, grave digger (scariest, 2nd place)

Landon Goguen, meat cutter (scariest, 3rd place)

Benjamin Preece-Santos (scariest, honorable mention)


Jillian, Mckenzie and Morgan Leblanc, Big Bad Wolf and Little Piggies (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Lilly Menezes, firetruck (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Sylvie Benson, Madeline (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Jenna Lynch, giraffe (preschool/kindergarten, honorable mention)

Luke Mello, Brownell boat truck and trailer (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

John Kassabian, hot air balloon (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Hollyn Turner, flower girl (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Steven Cabral, Transformer (1s-2nd grade, honorable mention)

Nathan Kvilhaug, Adam Breault, John Farrell, Time Saunders, Blue Man Group (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Sam Wiggin, candy machine (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Noah Cunningham, ham & cheese sandwich (3d-4th grade, 3rd place)

Riley Branagan, grandfather clock (3rd-4th grade, honorable mention)

Riley Knight and Alexa Shorrock, crayons (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Zach Mooney, baby seat (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Olivia Pellegrino, refrigerator (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Samantha Breaker, banana with dog (5th-6th grade, honorable mention)

Annie Martin and Sandra Decas, pirate and parrot (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Lucy Midle, carbon footprint (junior high/high school, 2nd place

Ashley Aruri, jelly beans (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

B.J. Labron, cowboy (junior high/high school, honorable mention)

Jill, Bob, Abby and Jacob Simcox and Cindy McHugh with Chance the dog, Cruella and Dalmations (adult, 1st place)

Kara Huges and Nolan Cameron, lobster in pot (adult, 2nd place)

John Risgin and Leanne Cebula, bee and bee keeper (adult, 3rd place)

Jason and Kyle Cameron, caveman (adult, honorable mention)

Freemin Bauer, cornstalk (scariest, 1st place)

Seth Hiller, fisherman (scariest, 2nd place)

Mikayla Mooney, grave (scariest, 3rd place)

Amanda Masse, Lizzie Borden (scariest, honorable mention)


Molly Osetkowski (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place);

Mckenzie and Morgan Leblanc (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Lilliana Lewis preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Steven Cabral (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Sylvie Benson (1st-2nd grade 2nd place)

Brendan McIntire (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Reese Vandal (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Colby Carreiro (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Aaron Scott (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Madison Pedro (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Alexa Shorrock (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Freemin Bauer (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Natasha Shorrock (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Noah Tavares (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Callum McLaughlin (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Valerie Curry (adult, 1st place)

Lance Calise (adult, 2nd place)

Lorraine Medeiros (adult, 3rd place)

Amanda Masse (scariest, 1st place)

Joe and Brain Caton (scariest, 2nd place)

Jessica and Alice DeCicco-Carey (scariest, 3rd place)


Jenna Lynch, cupcake (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Lilly Parquette, Dorothy [Wizard of Oz] (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Blake Moreau, wolf (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

David Magee, Lego (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Chloe and Taylor Gleason, Little Bo Peep (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Kyle McCullough, Nick’s Pizza (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Maria Psichopaidas and Hollyn Turner, washer and dryer (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

John Kassabian, gorilla (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Alexander MacAllister, trash can (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Briana Lynch, claw arcade game (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Megan McCullough, Star Wars (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Hunter Hanks, jelly fish (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Meredith Urban, squid (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Callum McLaughlin, scare crow (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Mikayla Mooney, planet Earth (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Nicole and Luke Cameron, popcorn (adult, 1st place)

Seth Hiller, fisherman (adult, 2nd place)

Amy Martins, stewardess (adult, 3rd place)

Freemin Bauer, scary soldier (scariest, 1st place)

Courtney Satterly, headless business woman (scariest, 2nd place)

John Butler, little zombie (scariest, 3rd place)




Serenity Love, music box (preschool/kindergarten, 1st place)

Patrick James Henry, robot (preschool/kindergarten, 2nd place)

Jackson Wilson, lion (preschool/kindergarten, 3rd place)

Tyler Rocha, zombie (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Zoe Plante, owl (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Sarah Curry, bride (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Erin Eilertsen, Beatle car (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Alissa Silva, fortune teller (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Joy Mello, tree (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Maria Psychopaidas, popcorn (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Benjamin Preece-Santos, tornado (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Claire Barry, bathrobe with curlers (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Claire Harken, Cousin It (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Meagan McCullough, bee keeper (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Freemin Bauer, creepy guy dragging body (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Lois Fluegel, old lady (adult, 1st place)

Jody Bauer, fairy (adult, 2nd place); Dawin Wilson, scarecrow (adult, 3rd place)

Zach Mooney, creepy bald guy (scariest, 1st place)

Harken family, Uncle Fester (scariest, 2nd place)

John Butler, zombie (scariest, 3rd place)

Jack Ashley, [costume not identified] (scariest, honorable mention)


Eamon Perez, squid (Preschool-Kindergarten, 1st place)

Jackson Wilson, dinosaur (Preschool-Kindergarten, 2nd place)

Serenity Love Truehart, Barbie (Preschool-Kindergarten, 3rd place)

Olive Huggins, owl (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

John Galavotti, fisherman (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

William Collyer, mummy (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Erin Eilersten, Gatorade (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Kelly Quinlan, iPade (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Paddy Carrier, Joker (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Joy Mello, phone booth, (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Talia Deleo and Cameron Weaver, jelly fish (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Holyn Turner and Maria Psichopaidas, toothpaste and toothbrush (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Sarah Besancon, Charlotte Cole, Tova Brickely and Meghan McCollough, S’mores (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Mia Quinlan, girl in blue cutout (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Peter Leburn, Ghostbuster (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Jason Cameron, Richard Simmons (adult, 1st place)

Jodi Bauer, old witch (adult, 2nd place)

Nancy Persson, forlorn wife with baby carriage (adult, 3rd place)

Logan Fernandes, marionette puppet, (scariest, 1st place)

Reagan Rock, head on a platter (scariest, 2nd place)

John Butler, zombie (scariest, 3rd place)


M.J. Picerno (Preschool-Kindergarten, 1st place)

Brinley Robert (Preschool-Kindergarten, 2nd place)

Kirra Uhlin (Preschool-Kindergarten,3rd place)

Sophia Jackson (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Morgan Leblanc (1st-2nd grade,2nd place)

Charlie Berry and Jack Czerkowicz (1st-2nd grade,3rd place)

Noah Roberts-Howley (3rd-4th grade,1st place)

Ava Jackson (3rd-4th grade,2nd place)

Zoe Plant (3rd-4th grade,3rd place)

Regan Rock (5th-6th grade,1st place)

Zoe Gleason (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Caitlin Collyer and Quinn O’Brien-Nichols (5th-6th grade,3rd place)

Mia Quinlan (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Anna Dube, Maria Psichopaidas and Cameron Weaver (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Erin Besancon and Alexander McAllister (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Joe Gleason (adult, 1st place)

Kerry Benson (adult, 2nd place)

Julia Maloney (adult, 3rd place)

Freeman Bauer (scariest, 1st place)

Chase Besancon (scariest, 2nd place)

Isabelle Monroe (scariest, 3rd place)


Ethan Lorenco, Porcupine (Preschool-Kindergarten, 1st place)

Brinley Carver Roberts, Hippie (Preschool-Kindergarten, 2nd place)

Charlotte DuBeau, Surfer girl (Preschool-Kindergarten, 3rd place)

MJ Picererno, Pirate mate (1st-2nd grade, 1st place)

Nolen Cameron, Charlie Higgins, Cole Higgins and Teddy Sanders, Patriots (1st-2nd grade, 2nd place)

Genevieve Hebert, Alice in Wonderland (1st-2nd grade, 3rd place)

Noah Robert, Headless guy (3rd-4th grade, 1st place)

Kyle Cameron and Hoah Eagle, Hot dogs (3rd-4th grade, 2nd place)

Anya Walker, Fire girl (3rd-4th grade, 3rd place)

Hannah Eten and Jenna Lynch, Thing 1 & Thing 2 (5th-6th grade, 1st place)

Elise Casi, Blue tube (5th-6th grade, 2nd place)

Ava Jackson, Claw machine (5th-6th grade, 3rd place)

Benjamin Preece-Santos, Boy in box (junior high/high school, 1st place)

Aiden Harrington, Unicorn (junior high/high school, 2nd place)

Joshua Simpson, “Walking Dead” Cowboy (junior high/high school, 3rd place)

Jodi Bauer, Witch (adult, 1st place)

Joe Gleason, Krystal Gleason, Taylor Gleason, Chloe Gleason (the Gleason family), [costume unknown] (adult, 2nd place)

Lauren Dubuc, Tin woman (adult, 3rd place)

Freemin Bauer, Pennywise (scariest, 1st place)

Nathan Dubuc, Flying monkey (scariest, 2nd place)

Chase Besancon, Boy with knife through him (scariest, 3rd place)


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